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Costumes And Textiles of Royal India

The production of India's finest textiles has long been woven around its complex history and age-old traditions. This in-depth account of the royal costumes and textiles of India considers all the various stylistic traditions, both religious and regional, arising from within this vast country.

"Costumes and Textiles of Royal India" is a celebration of rich legacy of textiles and craftsmanship, with in-depth study of the evolution of Indian royal costume spans the centuries from the first representations of clothing in ancient India, through the reign of the Mughal emperors and the days of the British Raj, to Indian Independence and royalty in the present day.

It is a sumptuous volume illustrated with a variety of material, much of which has never been published before ranging from archive photographs, miniatures, royal portraits and cinema stills, to detailed images of garments and textiles from as far back as the seventeenth century.

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