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"American Cinematographer" is a monthly magazine that focuses on the art and craft of cinematography, going behind the scenes on American and international productions of all shapes and sizes. The magazine features in-depth interviews with cinematographers, directors and some of their key collaborators at every stage of production. The magazine also features historical articles, technical how-to pieces, and information on the latest tools and technologies that impact the cinematographer’s craft.


American Cinematographer was granted special access on this extremely secretive production of 'INCEPTION', which continues the wildly successful collaboration between Wally Pfister, ASC and director Christopher Nolan.


Inside the July issue is a sprawling 13-page write up on Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi action thriller "INCEPTION" that delves pretty deep into how Christopher and cinematographer Wally Pfister pulled off some of the film’s jaw-dropping and surreal visuals. Perhaps the most entertaining out of all the ways they managed to get some of the shots they did was when they strapped cameras to skiers with strong backgrounds in skiing and mountain travel.

Filmmakers will analyze their approach to the complex, highly confidential script for this mind-bending sci-fi thriller, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the leader of a technologically advanced team of criminals who invade people’s dreams to extract sensitive information and influence their actions. Despite the show’s “closed set” status, AC was allowed to visit the filmmakers during production and will present a wealth of inside information about Pfister’s innovative cinematography.


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